Crestran Universal Tractor Hydraulic Fluid

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CRESTRAN Premium Universal Tractor Hydraulic Flu id is a premium quality tractor hydraulic fluid blended from highly refined base stocks and formulated for long term service under severe conditions. It is de signed for use in equipment utilizing a common pump or requiring a single fluid for final drive, transmission, differential power take-off (PTO) units and wet brake systems.

CRESTRAN Premium Universal Tractor Hydraulic Flu id, through the use of premium quality base stocks and up to date additive technology, is formulated to provide the highest levels of protection available.

•Excellent extreme Pressure (EP) properties.
•Excellent oxidation resistance and corrosion protection.
•Excellent anti-foam properties.
•Excellent low temperature perfor mance characteristics.
•Helps maintain seals and gaskets used in modern tractors.
•Superior detergent/dispersant pack age keeps system cleaner for longer life.
•Eliminates brake chatter.
•Controlled frictional characteristics permit the wet brakes to hold properly and allows smooth engagement of power take-off (PTO) clutches.

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